First Step Ministries, Inc.
Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee
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First Step Ministries, Inc.

Rev. Lawrence Blakeslee

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Visit the Blakeslee Blog to read the latest in my missionary life, thoughts and travel.

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First Step Ministries, Inc.

First Step Ministries, Inc.
I.R.S. 501(c)3 Organization

A Non-Profit Organization 
Registered in the 
State of Arizona

First Step Ministries'

Kids Ministry Network Project

The Vision
Network European children's ministry workers with one goal. Grow and strengthen children's personal relationship with God.

The Mission
Connecting children's ministry workers throughout Europe to share, train and solve vital issues in children's ministry.

Core Values
  • Promote cross-denominational and cross-cultural relationships among children's ministers in Europe.
  • Create and share copyright free curriculum on the basic Tenants of Faith, in every European language.
  • Utilize and share existing expertise to enhance teaching skills and creative teaching techniques.
  • Develop peer-to-peer relationships that recognize issues and find solutions for children's ministry challenges in Europe.
  • Find and motivate volunteers for children's ministry in the local church.
  • Provide regional, cost effective, in-service training for children's workers.
  • Fully utilize the Internet and website to connect and distribute printed information, audio and video media for download.